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After Qasim Ali Shah’s message of success, he presents the art of mastering life skills galvanizing the reader to think and grow by conquering life n...



Qasim Ali Shah book Zara Num Ho

By Zohaib In Books

Qasim Ali Shah’s book Zara Naam Ho, originally published in 2014, containing 400 quotes, reflections and thoughts based on different phenomenon of life with which we deal, experience and learn to manage the emotions and to give a direction to our moods to change the feeling and act wisely containing a certain tendency of alacrity and diligence.

Life, on the whole, is a jigsaw puzzle where collecting all pieces make a story worth considering. People in their daily life deal with troubles, worries, sadness, emotional setbacks, wins and failures. In the hectic routine full of responsibilities where we need the motivation to get our works done Qasim Ali Shah’s pearls of wisdom bolster and encourage ameliorating the effect of anxiety and making one able to practice correspondence instead of discrepancies, to extract positive aspect from any unwanted event, to laugh at the face of failure and remain consistent what you meant to do. Everything happens for a reason and contains a lesson guise in the crust of some adversity or happiness. Nature makes us learn the unlearned lessons until unless we learn and get enlightened.

This book has a tendency to give hope and upgrade resilience opens a new vista of life. Every line has a comprehension of a certain idea on which one can write an essay to elaborate on the whole concept of background theme. These reflections and thoughts encourage a person to see life from a broader perspective and with broad vision can we be able to find the meaning attached to a particular happening. A beautiful essence of philosophical richness is there where Qasim Ali Shah like a reformer, aesthetically blend philosophy in the pond of spirituality containing modern theories, and religious aspect all in one that helps and ease any reader with certain questions, theories and philosophies to reach the maximum audience having simple regional language containing powerful ideas.

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Ali Muhammad

Mashallah Zabrdast Book he. Thanks ???????? Sir..

Xohaib Rajpoot

Great Book. Read 100 Times??