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Qasim Ali Shah’s book Zara Naam Ho, originally published in 2014, containing 400 quotes, reflections and thoughts based on different phenomenon of li...



Qasim Ali Shah Book Onchi Oraan

By Zohaib In Books

After Qasim Ali Shah’s message of success, he presents the art of mastering life skills galvanizing the reader to think and grow by conquering life not just surviving. unleashing the hidden power of mind and reactions to certain events that happen in life, improving personal and professional relationships, and taking control of debilitating habits. The book includes case studies and personalized self-help examples with a view to revealing the secret power of beliefs, quantum questions of incidents and event and life metaphors.

As he only conveys through incidents of life happenings that make his message clearer and richer in impact. Above all, the simplicity of language makes his message comprehensible. The essays of this book lead to a new life dimension by emerging a sense of gratitude, Self-Actualization, search for a mentor, communication skills, emotional management, stranger selfless service, Teachings of Ahl-e-Tasawuf with thought-provoking quotation and sayings.

“A bad experience that awakes is a blessing in guise.”
The epitome of self-help, sacrifices and sheer amount of consistent hard work, adaptation, the essence of humanity, unconditional service, search of truth with contentment and making others a definition of quality and success, seven trees of life—tree of finance, service, family, profession, respect, religion, and Self.

Anybody who sows a seed must water it to nurture a big productive tree and if one wants to be a fruitful tree one has to be tolerant enough to bear all hurdles steadfastly and enjoy the sweetness of fruits. One must plant them, cultivate them and wait to see the productive results. But how to have the strength to build and cultivate these trees is the question.

And the answer is ‘yourself’ what you make of a situation is you! a reaction defines what your learning is! And who your teacher is. A role model who enlighten your realities.

Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif is his biggest inspiration as his words utter the essence of Wasif Khayal to make us clearer on vivid concepts he makes them easy by sharing the vigilant aspects in the most accurate and simple form. His inspiration like a clarion call gradually enters and enlightens.
“Your half luck depends on people that you are relating yourself to!”

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Muhammad Tayyab Shafiq

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