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Evening Rides with My Guru My Pursuit of Wisdom with Qasim Ali Shah

By Abid In Books

For every pursuer, there is a light of wisdom to be shown by a torchbearer. We all are the traveler of destiny but what we are seeking makes us distinguish among others. Curiosity, confusion, question, inspiration, novelty, listening, quest, path, the resilience for path, the sweet melody of some unheard beats, the fascination of being around your inspiration and feeling his wise words, beaming smile, kind gestures. What else get you towards the path of truth when the pursuit becomes worth pursuing?

Curious minds are the seekers of wisdom. A disciple when finds his mentor finds his path, his direction and his destination. Similarly, Abubaker Zahoor, a beloved student and resilient pursuer of knowledge having questions and sheer focus on direction happen to host a radio show for Qasim Ali Shah. Qasim Ali Shah selected him for his great ability to listen devotedly. The journey started and show Barhay Chalo—keep on growing started airing every Friday.

Serendipitous enough, a chilly evening turned this journey into a mystical turn when Abubaker Zahoor finds his inspiration is not just a teacher but a mentor and Guru whose standards of living speak volumes of his choices and decisions. This page turned the journey into the most remarkable journey of seventeen rides wherein each ride Abubaker Zahoor asks his Guru questions on self-satisfaction, how can we learn tolerance, repentance, how to adopt habit to be congenial, spirituality, learning, friendship, serving humanity, death, Sufism, love of Murshid, company of munificent teachers, how can one find empowering friends, and get rid of lofty expectations, amicable learning, omnipresence of God. The search for truth and finding it deep within us. if we could ever be able to know ourselves completely?

Those seventeen rides open a new path not only for the writer but for all disciples of Qasim Ali Shah originating a new thought as to how teachers and trainers should guide students realizing their potential answering their confusion and encouraging them to what they want to accomplish.

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