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16 NOV 2021

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Skills to Learn for Freelancing & Online Business

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1:00 pm

16 NOV, 2021

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16 NOV, 2021


Online event

For more Information Call:
+92 (03-111-172-737)
Learn & Start Your Own YouTube Channel to earn money. It’s an Online Course and all classes would be held on Zoom.
At the end of this course, the best 5 YouTube channels will be awarded & promoted at Qasim Ali Shah Social Media Platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc)
How to Register?
Call: +92 (03-111-172-737)
Who Should Attend:
This course is designed for content producers, anyone who can produce any kind of content can earn from YouTube by uploading videos. Especially this course is designed for:
Marketing Professionals
Business Owners
Objectives of the Course:
Creating a YouTube Channel
Understanding YouTube Monetization Rules/Regulations
How to Promote YouTube Channel & Videos
YouTube SEO
Earn from YouTube Channel
Date & Time:
1st Class: 21 September 2020: 1pm to 2pm
2nd Class: 22 September 2020: 1pm to 2pm
3rd Class: 23 September 2020: 1pm to 2pm
4th Class: 24 September 2020: 1pm to 2pm
*Follow Up Class: 05 October 2020: 1pm to 2pm
*Follow Up Class: 19 October 2020: 1pm to 2pm
Prize Distribution: 31 October 2020
For more Information Call:
+92 (03-111-172-737)
Course Outline:
Why Create a YouTube Channel?
Creating YouTube Channel – Name & Graphics
1. Creating a channel art
2. Adding a branding watermark
3. Handling Comments
Which Email ID should not use?
Which Niche to produce YouTube videos?
Video Production
1. Length of Video
2. Video File Name before uploading
3. 1st Minute of Video
4. Content of the video
5. Creation of Different Type of Videos (Interview, Solo Talk, Voice Over with images, etc)
YouTube SEO
1. Importance of Video Thumbnail
2. Proper Title, Description & Keywords
3. Watch Time VS Views
4. Analytics of Videos to add keywords
5. How to Create Playlists?
6. End Screen
7. YouTube Cards
YouTube Monetization Criteria and policies
1. What is MCN? Should We Join
2. YouTube Monetization Criteria
3. Violation Cases
4. Set up AdSense Account
5. Payment Methods
6. How to Verify Address
7. Getting First Payment
How to Write Good Scripts for YouTube Video
Qualities of Good Voice Over
1. Planning a video
2. Writing a script
3. The key point of a video
4. How to create a story
5. Creating a tone
* Follow Up Classes just to resolve the issues, participants face during completing assignments.
For more Information Call:
+92 (03-111-172-737)


Is i eligible for this program because I'm a university student and I did not much know about freelancing?


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